Black Metal Terror Over London

by Various Artists

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Recorded by Todestrieb at The Verge, Camden, London on Sunday 30 November 2003
MiniDisc recording from the soundboard
Mastered and edited at Demonion Studios by Evil Dark


Hail & Support:

split in 2006, members are now active in URFAUST, GALGERAS and BOTULISTUM; their last album was Laat alle hoop varen in 2009

became GRAVE MIASMA in 2006 and continue to release killer death metal!!

released their first and only album in 2006, visit their bandcamp page to hear the album and unreleased demos

is the solo project of Alexandros (MACABRE OMEN), the most recent album I, Master was released in 2008

also played that night, members later formed SPEARHEAD and most recently LYCHGATE and MONUMENTOMB


released March 17, 2004
Todestrieb Records, 2004



all rights reserved


Todestrieb Records Ipswich, UK

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Track Name: The One - Undying
The power of being immortal
and outcome humanity.
Is what they are unable to comprehend,
so give them misery.

For that it should be the sole task of all elite forces,
to punish with sole judgement
all those who have interfered with their cause.
The only law is the law of self obliteration.
Thou who shall obstruct shall face...
the ultimate vengeance.

None shall escape the wrath,
when betrayal is identified.
We are all undead,
in our very own way.
Track Name: The One - Guardians Inhuman
Powerful, inhuman figures,
Guarding the "tomb of the undead".
Lustful, abnormal images,
that captivate the reflection of death.

We are unable to separate the dead from the living.
The only reason is the essence of conceiving.
It is all a false depiction of existing
Thou art only here to suffer as a misfit.
Track Name: The One - Thou Art None
Superiority barely graced,
Inferiority commonly placed.
An advantageous situation only to some,
Talked about often but used by none.

So you think it was so simple?
Summoning levels of higher evil?
Attacking your so called foes with a weak ego?

And when all else failed and my scythe has been drawn.
Only then you will understand that I am THE ONE.
Only then you will find out that your time has come.

To pay what has to be paid.
To give what you have to give.
To appreciate what you have been given.
And to fulfill what has to be done.

You imbecile, you worthless scum
You think you are something but thou art none.
Track Name: Goat Molestör - Aleister Crowley & Ordo Templi Orientis
He is the wicked man of shaven head
The personification of evil
Never again will appear a man like him
He is proud of himself
His diciples contemplate him

I'm the master therion
666 - The great beast
The Iniquous. The satanist
Listen to me singing my satanic hymns
With my Ordo Templi Orients
The imperfect men searching for the perfect evil

"Do what thou wilt.
It shall be the whole of the law"

A toad croaks crucified at my altar
A woman writhes chained on my lord's table
I sodomise women and animals in my ceremonies
My tortures and sacrifices are to glorify the evil
An animal sacrifice is good
But a human sacrifice is best

Sacrifices, degradation, obscenity,
Wicknedess, deification, rituals, drugs
I'm the devil!!
Pervesity, mockery, sex, debauchery
Evocations, sorcery, spells
I'm perpetual
I'm Aleister Crowley & Ordo Templi Orientis

Evil by evil.
My ceremonies can never stop
Evil by evil.
The great beast prepares to attack

I ask to my scarlet woman: "quid velis?"
She tears to pieces her vest and says:
"Ad sacrificium, offerre corpus meum"
After she lies bare on lord's table.
I rise the dagger!!
She writhes, groans and yells
My diciplines caper to the table and shout:
"Laus Satani!!"

The Deification

"Ad gloriam. Ad majorem Luciferian gloriam"

Oh Angel of light. Lucifer.
Star of the morning of intelligence
Venus. O Thou fallen from heaven
I, the sinistrous man, Aleister Crowley
Violated the whole athical code
And blibical priciple
Known by man in thy honor
I salute thee - o Lucifer
This sacrifice and these words
Thou protected my impure soul
From the light of goodness
I can hear the funeral chant of my burial.
A Black Mass.
My disciples chanting my satanic hymns for making
Hail god Lucifer!! Bring me the evil light!!

Total injuri, total disgust
I could be in the material world
But I'm fine here.
I'm among friends. The evil spirits

Put satanakia, Tarchimache, Fleurity,
Agalteraps, Sargathanas, Nesbiros, Syrach
I'm the devil
Bechard, Frimost, Klepoth, Khil
Merifild, Claunech, Musifin
I'm the perpectual
I'm Aleister Crowley & Ordo Templi Orientis

Evil by evil. The right man in the right place
Evil by evil. I hope you follow my advices

I follow the left hand path
I perform my rituals in Hell
I dominate the black arts
I hold the key of mysteries
I'm going to return to this world
With my Horned God and his angels
Track Name: Fluisterwoud - Hoemannen
Hoemannen draven dorstig voort door 't groene loof
Tot met de tanden bewapend in 't oog voor roof
Goud is alles wat ons voerder Walrick bemind

Jaren van teistering
Gekropen over 't vennenland
De vrede van 't volk
Werd samen met de oogst verbrand

Rovers dochter
Stralend als ochtendgloren
Parel van de diepste zee
Met een vloek was zij geboren
Ziekte sleepte haar toekomst mee
Zij sliep met de dood
Haar vader viel troosteloos
Dat de druide hem had geboden
Of hij het rechte pad verkoos

Haren, zijde zacht, snoerden de
Arm van de woudreus
De schone Heribertha genas
dankzij Walrick's nobele keus
De top van de eik toonde 's nachts een lichtende troon
Daar komen Hoemannen belust met wraak, vol haat, kwaad en toorn