Famine (or Into the Bellies of Worms)

by Hateful Abandon

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Dark pop, post-punk and a hint of black metal collide in dream-like anthems of deeply personal and lurid art. Hateful Abandon are genre-defining and totally unrestrained by any conventions.

Instantly memorable songs are crafted with intricately textured guitars, an earthy bass and perfectly accented drums. The vocals are unparalleled and a brave contrast to the lazy, predictable efforts of many bands in any of the genres Hateful Abandon approaches. Battling between rich, deep, strong yet still human and fragile; and the most painful, retching screams.


released December 2, 2008

All music and lyrics: Hateful Abandon

Todestrieb Records, 2008
TTR 026



all rights reserved


Todestrieb Records Ipswich, UK

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Track Name: Rats Whisper Murder
Here in the tunnels
On the damp walls
Where the moss grows
and the chains rust
I haven't seen my face
I haven't heard my voice
All I feel is sick and cold

If I only knew what drives me
To prostitute myself, time and time again

Rats whisper murder
Cobwebs rip and spoil
Bent on a whim
That isn't my own

Horned heroes
Give me the excuse I need
To feed my perversions
If only they knew...
If only I knew why...
Track Name: Diamond Spine
I live amongst the pulse of the dead,
Deafening now, its throb, its lust
Willing me to power,
Willing me to power
I can live through tragedy
I can live through hate
I can live without kindness
The dead decide my fate
Every heartbeat
A steel-boot stomp
Every smile is vomit
Every smile is vomit.
Track Name: Riding the Blade
Is this what it takes for me to feel?
Exquisite disaster, orgasmic misery
Is this what it takes for me to scream?
To lose a part of me, to find nothing
Your face still so clear
Although fading with time
Memory is finite
The grief feels infinite

Mother, I've been riding the blade too long...
I may topple and fall this time.
Track Name: Avalanche
I am a distant memory
Falling away from myself
My avalanche...
I tip my hat to the inertia
That speeds me ever down
Leave my thoughts behind
Crushing weight now a part of me
I gather fragments of you as well
I smother you, I hurt you
I make you all part of me.
Massive wave of insanity
My psychotic avalanche
Flesh tsunami
My final goodbye
My avalanche
Track Name: Boiling Seas
In my veins
In my soul
In my lungs
Oceans tear and toil
Skin now sand
Blood becomes tide
Blood becomes tide
Strength of a planet
Fists like mountains
Pounding on the crust
Mouth spewing lava
Blood becomes tide
Track Name: Painters Rope
Under command
To paint the night
To summon the stars
But robbed of sight
Destined to wind this wheel
Tighter and tighter
It flexes like muscle
To lock like a fist

Stretch the Painters Rope
Heave the planets into place
Stretch the Painters Rope
Calculate Space

Controlled mayhem
Bought by my sins
My wasted life
Given meaning by toil
Track Name: Lungs
Hands soiled with ash
I drift toward the roiling ocean
Whether my legs take me
Or some unknown instinct
I prepare to drink
To swallow the foaming filth
I let my lungs fill
To rid me of these cunts and slugs

The cold holds me tenderly
No thought given to struggle
Accept my fate without a fight
Azure sky turns to grey

Hands dig into sand
On my knees I watch the brine
Ready to take me

Hungry for my breath
My gods hold me buoyant
I dip and flow with the tide
Finally released, finally free
Finally me. Finally me.